Supporting the Community, From the Community

Supporting the Community, From the CommunitySupporting the Community, From the CommunitySupporting the Community, From the Community

Get your Fundraiser started HERE!

Thank you for taking the "first step" towards creating your own walk-a-thon fundraiser!

Even in this time of social distancing, it's still possible for us to work together and provide support to community programs in need!

Once you complete and submit the form below, we will get to work on creating your custom givingLOCAL walk-a-thon fundraising page!  From there, you'll be able to share the link on Facebook, Email, Text Message, and any other method you'd like!

Your fundraiser can be based either as a pledge for walking (or running) over a period of time you choose, or as a flat rate.

As the fundraising organizer, you will receive back 10% of funds raised, or you can choose to donate that amount back into your chosen cause.

There is NO COST for you to set up and design your fundraiser, we'll do all the work for you.  

30% of funds raised will go back into givingLOCAL to assist our efforts in continuing to provide support to community programs, the rest will go to the cause of your choice, along with a message letting them know how you raised the funds!

So...take the first step and get started by completing and submitting the form below!